Stefan Sock's Page


Have you had fun in lots of different sorts of weather?

This week, we are going a little step further so that you can ask, "What's the weather doing?" in French. Watch our weather video and join in with the song to practise your French.

Have fun!

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Weather Activities

  • Practise asking "Quel temps fait-il?" and reply in French.

  • What might you use or wear in the sun, the rain, the wind and the snow?

  • Can you find any of those items at home? Set up a display of them and then draw a picture. This would be another still life drawing - remember the still life drawing you did of the fruit?

  • Learn and sing Stefan Sock's weather song!

  • Perhaps you could perform the song for your family using all the weather props that you found earlier to draw.

  • Think about the sort of activities you like to do in the sun, the rain, the wind and the snow.

  • Can you draw pictures yourself and your family and friends doing all those activities?

  • Using an old magazine, look for pictures of the sun, the rain, the wind and the snow. Ask an adult to help you to cut out the pictures and then make a colourful collage by arranging them and sticking them on to paper or card.

À bientôt!