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Wow! Les grandes vacances are now over and many of you will be back at nursery or school.

Les grandes vacances - say "lay grond vak-o(n)ss" = the big holidays.

Whatever you are doing, bonne chance to you all!

Bonne chance - say "bon sho(n)s" = good luck.

Although it's Autumn now, you can still have fun at the beach. So do enjoy our free beach activity pages while they are still available.

Print out the activity pages to learn all our "at the beach" French words.

You can "build" your own sandcastle using the cut out shapes and our beach picture. Or you could draw and colour your own beach picture to use.

There is also a summertime figure to dress up and colour.

Why not make a few copies of our ice cream cone, paste them onto card and set up your own ice cream shop?

Use our cut out shapes to create your very own rock pool.

At the Beach Activities

  • Use the Ice Cream Cone Activity Page to print out cones on card to colour as many times as you like. You can then make your own ice cream parlour where you and your friends and family can practise asking for different flavours.

  • You don't need to be at the beach to eat ice cream! You can practise asking politely for different flavours at home, in a café or from the ice cream van.

  • You can also decorate your pretend ice creams with your colours or craft materials to make them look as if they they are covered in sprinkles or sauce or add a 'chocolate flake'!

  • The weather changes all the time so you can still practise asking "Quel temps fait-il?" and reply in French. Let's hope it's sunny though!

  • Think about all the things you might need to take to the beach. Try writing a 'shopping list' with pictures.

  • What do you like to do at the beach? Can you draw a picture of yourself having fun on the sand or in the sea?

  • If you visit the beach, why not try beachcombing? You never know what you might find! I love to look for pretty shells and fossils.

  • With an adult, check out the rock pools. You might even be lucky enough to spot a starfish!

  • When you get home, try making a collage of the beach and rock pools using cut outs from old magazines and scraps of material and wool. Perhaps you could include some of the things you collected while you were beachcombing!

  • Have you used my Rock Pools Activity Page to make your very own rock pool yet? You can make as many as you like by printing off extra copies of the images.

À bientôt!