Elf Training Week 2

Start with your cut out templates pasted onto card!

Hint! Let them dry thoroughly before decorating!

Hello Little Elves!

We hope you had fun making your Christmas cards last week!

This week we are making Tree Decorations.

Use our Tree Decorations Templates to make a robin, a snowman and a tree.

Use your imagination to decorate them in lots of different ways.  You can use your colours and/or maybe you can ask an adult to help you to find some useful bits and pieces around the house.  We have used all sorts of things such as: torn up magazines, coloured paper/card, tissue paper, kitchen foil, coloured foam, ribbon, scraps of material, cotton wool, etc.  Always ask permission to use anything you find!

Have a look below at some of the decorations our little elves have made  at The Helpful Elf Training School.