The Helpful Elf Training School

Are you ready to start training as a Helpful Elf?




WEEK 4 - Your Graduation Certificate

Our Helpful Elf Training School will be a bit different this year.

Unfortunately, we can’t run our usual Elf Schools but…..

We can run an online Elf School! 😊

To make this year’s Helpful Elf School accessible to as many little Elves in Training as possible, we have simplified the format and there will be no cost to take part. To ensure that there is as little cost outlay for parents/carers as possible, each elf will need nothing more than the following:

  • Parent/Carer access to Popperdopplers Free Resources and ability to print these.

  • Printer paper and/or card. (If you need to print on paper, you can use the card from empty cereal boxes to glue the images to!) Packs of white/ pastel coloured card can be purchased in certain shops for £1. 😉

  • Empty cereal boxes or strong card.

  • Sellotape, Glue Stick, Children’s scissors or adult help to cut out.

  • Colours; crayons, pens, pencils or paints – your choice!

  • Short lengths of thin ribbon/wool/string/cotton for the loops to hang your decorations. (Hint: The little ribbon coat hanger tabs you find on new blouses/dresses are perfect!)

  • Empty tea box or similar small box.

  • An old comic or magazine or coloured paper.

  • Brown parcel paper or Christmas wrapping paper.

Optional: Glitter glue, stick on gems, pom poms, red tissue paper, gold card, etc

Please note that this is a very condensed version of our live Helpful Elf Training School.