Elf Training Week 1

Greetings Little Elves!

Welcome to the Helpful Elf Training School.

This week you can print our Helpful Elf Record.  Use this to record any helpful tasks you have carried out.  Always make sure an adult is with you when you carry out your tasks.  Please note that this is your helpful record sheet - it is not your certificate - you will receive your certificate when you have completed your elf training!

Your training now will be to make some Christmas cards.  You can print our cards to colour here.  You will find a Santa card, a Rudolph card, a Snowman card and a Tree card.  Each print will need to be folded in half in order to make a card.  Remember, you can print as many cards as you need.

We have also included two Colour by Numbers activities for you.  

Hint. If you have any old cards left over from last year, you could cut out the pictures from them and make your own new cards by sticking the images to folded card.

See you next week ready to make decorations.

Have fun being helpful!