Elf Training Week 4

Greetings little elves!

Jingle bells! Christmas is very nearly here.  I am so excited!  I do hope you have enjoyed training to be a helpful elf.  This week, it's time to print your Helpful Elf Certificate.


Please do carry on being as helpful as you possibly can. 

 Thank you so much for joining in.

Merry Christmas to you all!

Have a look below to see a special memory from a previous years' Elf School and also to see how we wrapped the gifts we made last week.  You will see we used our tree decorations as gift tags!

A special memory from our Elf School.

A highlight at our Elf School was when Shaelen the Eagle Owl flew in to see us.

Our Wrapped Gifts!

We used the pages from an old magazine to cover this gift and also to make a 'bow' to attach our robin gift tag.

We used Christmas wrapping paper and then cut up colourful pictures from a magazine to make a 'bow' to attach our snowman gift tag.

We used brown parcel paper; decorated using our coloured pens.  Then we used an image of holly from a magazine as a 'bow' to attach our tree gift tag.