Popperdopplers Workshops

Costs will vary according to settings, so please don't hesitate to get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Fun Time French with Stefan Sock

for pre-schoolers, reception and up to age 7

In these popular, fully interactive workshops, mischievous puppet Stefan Sock helps to introduce young children to the French language and culture with songs, movement, dance, games, role-play and art & craft. There is even a bit of magic thrown in too!

French Club

is available for older children aged 8 to 11

At French Club, children are introduced to the French language and culture through movement, song, dance, games, role-play and art & craft. A little written work is encouraged by way of some fun exercises but this is not our main focus. A good basic introduction to French to help prepare children for future language studies. A popular highlight of the year is our regular (imaginary!) 'trip to Paris' where the children have lots of fun and laughs taking on various roles.

Times Tables Team Challenge

Suitable for all ages and abilities

Unique, all action workshops that not only help children to learn their times tables but also encourage team building, problem solving and quick thinking. The Times Tables Team Challenge is fully- interactive and can even be combined with a PE lesson as it will get everyone not just thinking but moving too! Team Challenges can be held for individual classes or why not get the whole school involved for the ultimate challenge?

Helpful Elf Training School

Suggested age range from pre-school to age 8

Exciting elf training in the run up to Christmas! These little elves in training will be busy making cards, decorations and gifts as well as being encouraged to be helpful. The final session includes the Elf Graduation where every elf will receive their 'Fully Trained Elf' certificate.

Egyptian Mini Museum

Suitable for all ages

A variety of Egyptian themed activities where children can explore the mini museum with its 'ancient artefacts', dress up as an Egyptian, write in hieroglyphs and even have their heart weighed by Anubis. On top of all of this, there are quizzes, interesting facts, games and jokes to enjoy!

Creative Time

All ages welcome

Using a variety of materials, children are encouraged to use their imagination to create their own models and masterpieces; from drawing, painting, collage and clay work through to building crafts from recycled materials. Themed crafts are offered for special events but otherwise children will be encouraged and aided to use and develop their imagination and skills. The Popperdopplers Award in Creativity can also be worked towards throughout the year.

Classic Tales

Recommended for pre-schoolers, reception and up to age 7

Helping to keep our traditional tales alive, each session begins with listening to a re-telling of a classic fairy tale from Hans Christian Anderson, the Brothers' Grimm or Aesop's Fables followed by a themed craft.

Classic Tales

is also available for older children aged 8 to 11

Includes a re-telling of a Greek myth/legend followed by an activity page to complete.