Elf Training Week 3

Don't forget to come back next week for your 

Elf Graduation Certificate!

Greetings Little Elves!

We hope you had fun making your Christmas Decorations last week!

This week we are making a gift for someone special!

Our main gift suggestion is A Box of Love; although you can call it anything you choose!

We have prepared three gifts as suggestions for you.

1. A Box of Love (lovely messages/pictures and/or photos)

2. Soap in a box

3. Sweets in a box

Of course, these are only suggestions and you probably have lots of fantastic ideas of your own of what you could fill the boxes with and indeed how you decorate them.

Take a look below at our boxes and how we prepared them.

For each of our gift suggestions, we started with a small empty box.

Some suggestions for

 your scrolls!

A Box of Love

A special gift for someone to treasure that doesn't cost a penny!

To make this gift you will need:

An empty box

Safety scissors

Glue stick

An old magazine/comic/coloured paper scraps (we used a free supermarket magazine!)

Print outs of our Template Scrolls (or simply cut up lengths of paper)

Tissue or paper to line your box (optional)

Print out of our Heart/s (optional)

Small lengths of ribbon/wool (optional)

PVA glue and brush/spatula if you have any but not at all necessary!

1. Look through your magazine/comic and find some colourful images.   Now cut these into strips roughly about 5cms x 3cms.  

2. Using your glue stick, paste the strips like a patchwork all over your box, slightly overlapping each strip for the best effect.  

3. At this stage, if you have any PVA glue , you can paste all over the outside of your box to help seal the strips and add a slight gloss.

      **Allow your box to dry well**

4. Print out as many of the scroll templates  as you would like or cut up good sized strips of paper. On each of these scrolls, you can write your special messages and/or draw pictures.  See our examples for some suggestions. If you have ribbon/wool, you can tie now each scroll.  Otherwise you could use a small piece of sticky tape or simply fold the scrolls.

5. You could line the box with tissue/paper if you have any before placing your scrolls inside. Remember, you can add small photos to your box too!

6. If you want to use our heart template or make your own , then do this now and stick it to the box.  You might also like to stick a photograph to the front as a finishing touch!

7. Perhaps all the family could contribute to the box before giving it as a gift to someone special.

Soap/Sweets in a Box

Our soap cost 15p at the supermarket.

Our sweets cost £1 for 3 bags at the supermarket.

1. Cover your box either as before, using an old magazine/comic, or you might like to use wrapping paper.

2. Use some tissue/paper to loosely line the box if you would like to.  Or perhaps you have a scrap of material you could use.

3. Fill your box with soap or sweets or anything of your choice.

4. We stuck a bow to our soap box gift using some left over ribbon. The decoration we used on our sweet box was actually an unused Christmas hair bobble!

5. Perhaps you could decorate a larger box to fill with homemade cakes or biscuits?

Please keep all soap and sweets, etc 

out of reach of small children!

Your gift(s) are now ready to wrap!

Although they are pretty enough to leave unwrapped!

Hint: You could use our Christmas Tree decorations

 from Week 2 as gift tags.